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The colors of a rainbow are typically thought to comprise the wavelengths of light visible to the human eye. There are actually more colors in a rainbow than there are atoms in our bodies, and what we can perceive is only a tiny fraction of the light encoded in the Universe. Luckily for us, the 1 – 100 million distinct colors we can see provide for a pretty amazing view of the world! In similar fashion, we should approach our Content Marketing efforts with the standard colors of the rainbow in mind.

R – be Real.
In the planning stages, ask “Why is this asset important to the audience?” Especially in today’s online, on-demand environment customers trust real stories by real people.

O – be Original.
Ideas are a dime a dozen and differentiating from others can be a challenge if you focus only on your product or service. Find your own story to tell. Why are you doing what you do for your customer?

Y – be true to Your point of view.
It’s not about you, but about your perspective on a problem your audience is trying to solve. They may not have experienced the problem yet, but they will remember what you had to say about it when the time comes.

G – define your Goals.
Are you inspiring an action? A change in behavior? If you don’t outline your expectations of the content being created, how will you know if it performed in any way?

B – be Believable.
Develop a sense of belonging for the audience. In other words, make sure they can relate to the story and can buy into the message.

I – be Illuminating.
Provide data and information that will be useful to your customers. They’ll appreciate having their questions answered and, subsequently, reducing the amount of time they might have put into their search for solutions.

V – be Vibrant.
We are in an age of visual delight, one that encourages beautiful photography, stunning videos, and experiencing life vicariously through someone else’s eyes via Periscope. Do not discount the importance of vibrant storytelling by voice and by design.

Admit it: no matter how many times you have seen one, each rainbow always feels real, original, believable, illuminating and vibrant – from your point of view. By using the “colors” of the content marketing rainbow as a guide, you will be more likely to find that Content Pot of Gold – that special connection with enlightened, happy customers – at the end.

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