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Once upon a time in our very own Milky Way Galaxy, a young girl lived in the imagined world of books. She not only loved stories and tales of faraway travels, but also tried to capture the beauty of the real world with drawings and photographs. That young girl was me, a perfect example of how humans captivated each other with storytelling as soon as they could communicate. Most historians and psychologists believe that storytelling is one of the many things that define and bind our humanity; humans are perhaps the only animals that create and tell stories. Before the earliest written language was developed, our species was passing knowledge and information on to the next generation with the age-old craft known as oral storytelling.

Over the course of the last few years, I found myself leading a group of like-minded creative individuals at a Very Large Global Enterprise. Every team member had been designing, writing, or creating content since childhood. We enjoyed working together so much, we formed the Content Continuum Agency to help those in need of content for their digital and content marketing programs.

The rapidly changing universe of modern marketing has left many marketers in the (star)dust. Traditional marketing approaches need to be augmented with the latest storytelling philosophy in order to connect with customers who are now using different devices, on different platforms, at different times. As both veterans of traditional marketing and pioneers of heart-to-heart marketing in the Information Age, our mission is to help you develop an ongoing content marketing strategy and a narrative that will continue to resonate with your customers now and into the future.


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